zSeries Mainframe Systems Products & Solutions

SOFTBASE – z/OS Test Data Management, z/OS Fast Testing of DB2 Data, z/OS Streamline Batch Processing and Improve DB2 Batch Performance, Allow older applications to utilize multi-row fetch without code changes, automatically implement multi-row fetch in existing Batch DB2 applications, z/OS Batch Analysis, Locate poorly performing DB2® for z/OS® batch SQL in seconds, z/OS Batch Checkpoint, z/OS DB2 Checkpoint Facility, z/OS Date Simulation Software, TestBase, TestBase Slice, z/OS Batch Attach Facility, z/OS Batch Attach Facility MRF Feature, z/OS Batch Analysis and Reporting, z/OS Batch Checkpoint Facility, z/OS DB2 Contention Software, z/OS DB2 Deadlock Advisor, z/OS DB2 SoftDate Product, SoftBase.

softbase icon Softbase Attach Facility – Have the power and flexibility to control the DB2 batch environment. Monitor SQL performance and get precise control of DSN trace output. Reduce contention problems in jobs and utils with patented ENQ serialization. Allow application concurrency with Auto Commit. Improve application reliability by eliminating concurrency problems and deadlock timeouts.
softbase icon Softbase Attach Facility (MRF) Multi-Row Fetch – Feature of SoftBase’s Attach Facility, is a powerful new tool for automatically implementing multi-row fetch in your existing batch DB2 applications.
softbase icon Softbase Batch Analyzer Facility – If you’re tired of late night phone calls or wading through numerous DB2 performance tools and way too much data, consider letting Batch Analyzer Facility find your bad batch SQL before it finds you.
softbase icon Softbase Checkpoint Facility – Part of SoftBase’s Batch Healthcare Solution, can help you quickly restart and complete batch DB2 jobs automatically. Checkpoint Facility provides a checkpoint/restart for batch DB2 and non-DB2 applications.
softbase icon Softbase DeadLock Advisor – Is the first DB2 tool to identify the source of deadlock timeouts and resource unavailable conditions and instantly present that information on the offending and offended batch job’s log.
softbase icon Softbase SoftDate – Gives you a simple mechanism to test date-dependent logic in your programs without requiring cumbersome and expensive procedures such as ‘IPL’ing a test LPAR with the required date.
softbase icon Softbase TestBase – TestBase, our test data management solution, allows you to quickly retrieve manageable subsets of referentially intact data from DB2® databases around the enterprise, thoroughly test and validate proper functioning of all DB2 application enhancements, and ensure that all sensitive production data remains completely private during testing.
softbase icon Softbase TestBase Slice – part of SoftBase’s TestBase, can help you test DB2 for z/OS applications faster and more efficiently. Slice allows every developer to test in the same database at the same time, by giving each developer their own “slice” of data.

DPI Software – z/OS File Editing and Browsing, z/OS DB2 File Editing and Browsing, Compuware Software Replacements, z/OS File Editor Alternatives to Compuware, FileMarvel, DumpMarvel, z/OS Dump Debugging, DPI Software, FileMarvel/DB2.

dpi software icon DPI Software DumpMarvel – ISPF-based dump debugger for zOS and MVS – Is an ISPF-based abend dump formatter and analyzer that helps you analyze a zOS application or system program abend quickly. zOS or MVS dump analysis become a breeze because you can find your way around the dump more quickly, locate storage areas you are looking for and skip irrelevant control blocks.
dpi software icon DPI Software FileMarvel – has all the power and speed that programmers and production support staff need to build test data, check production files and so on. Online editing and viewing of VSAM, PDS, PDSE, sequential disk and tape datasets speed up application development and help pinpoint productions and testing problems.

RESPONSIVE SYSTEMS – z/OS DB2 Buffer Pool Tuning, z/OS DB2 Buffer Pool Prediction Software, z/OS DB2 Buffer Pool Optimisation, Buffer Pool Tool

responsive systems icon Responsive Systems Buffer Pool Tool – This component and approach allows a much faster evaluation of tuning options than a trial and error methodology, and avoids costly mistakes with the production system. Since the Simulation shows the impact and the interaction of all objects together within a pool, is much more effective and accurate than attempting a pool isolation methodology for tuning. Quite directly, this is the only way you can get it right.

GFS SOFTWARE – z/OS Tape Library Management, Tape Security and Reporting, CA-1 Replacement Software, Solutions for z/OS Tape Library Management, z/OS Real Time Stacking and Optimisation, z/OS Tape Audit and Compliance, z/OS Tape Media Migration, z/OS Automatic Multi File Software, Storage Optimisation, GFS Software, GFS/Stack Automatic Multi File, GFS/AFM Advanced File Manager, GFS/AFM Plus, GFS/SOM Storage Optimization Manager, GFS/TQS Tape Quality System, GFS/IQTS Web Interface.

gfs software icon GFS/AFM Plus – Most comprehensive software collection guarantees fiduciary compliance and real-time operational optimization, as well as the integrity, availability, and security of your data.
gfs software icon GFS/AFM – Automates and integrates all management operations for protecting and releasing volumes in z/OS tape libraries while controlling the transit of volumes, security vaults, and external tape libraries.
gfs software icon GFS/TQS – Implements systematic quality control for z/OS tape library media. It allows the identification of tapes that have reached their usage limit, provides periodic retensioning, and automates the replacement process of old tapes, ensuring data integrity and reliability for long term data storage.
gfs software icon GFS/iTQS Web Interface – Is a web-based complement to GFS/TQS that allows the complete analysis of z/OS tape libraries via a web browser without utilizing resources from the host z/OS system. It has a light and user-friendly interface that does not require the user to have any z/OS or SQL experience.
gfs software icon GFS/Stack – Eliminates waste in tape library resources, providing real savings with surprising simplicity and results. It allows full volume occupation of any media capacity during runtime, quickly releasing thousands of tapes.

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING of AMERICA – z/OS PDS Management, z/OS JCL Management, z/OS Output and JCL Management, z/OS DASD and Dataset Management, z/OS JCL Syntax Checking, z/OS Job Scheduling, z/OS Console Automation, ODDS, JCL/Plus, PDSFast, $AVRS, CSAR.

Unique UniQue – Full featured print queue manager and spooler for NT and UNIX.
sea icon SEA CSAR – Is the complete job scheduling software solution. This mainframe job scheduler provides the computer operations staff with the tools for improving system productivity by organizing and automating your production workload. The CSAR job scheduler provides immediate control of all mainframe job scheduling activity from data preparation to output delivery.
sea icon SEA JCLplus+ – Enterprise JCL Management; Job Control Language Syntax Checking; Job Control Language Standards Enforcement; Job Control Language Editing and Updating; Job Control Language Formatting; Job Scheduling; TMS, Security, DASD and Change Management.
sea icon SEA ODDS – Operator Dynamic Dialog Subsystem (ODDS) is an expert console automation operations subsystem which gives systems programming and operations personnel the flexibility to dynamically manage and monitor data center functions.
sea icon SEA PDSFAST – Is SEA’s PDS software solution that improves DASD and data center management by eliminating the long delays users experience when they wait for large PDS’s to compress. PDSFAST speeds up all management functions, curbs DASD growth and increases the efficient use of system resources, saving you time and money on a daily basis.
sea icon SEA $AVRS – Is the Sysout/Syslog Accumulation Viewing and Retrieval Component of SEA Output Management Solution. $AVRS is deigned to significantly reduce the personnel and system resources required to handle Sysout, Syslog and JES datasets, and to facilitate archival and audit requirements for job logs.

SQData – z/OS Data Replication for IMS, DB2, Oracle, VSAM and Other RDBMS, z/OS Changed Data Capture (CDC), CDC Enhanced ETL, SQData, z/OS Continuous Availablilty Data Replication, z/os Data Replication Solutions.

sqdata icon SQData CDC Enhanced ETL – A comprehensive changed data capture (CDC) solution for optimizing existing ETL processes by eliminating the need for costly bulk unloads of source data. On average, only 3 to 5 percent of customer data changes during a 24 hour period. SQData’s CDC Enhanced ETL solution captures these delta changes to source databases and stages them for processing by existing ETL products, saving significant CPU processing cycles and time.
sqdata icon SQData Control Center – The SQData Control Center is a web-based component that allows you to manage and monitor your SQData processes from a single control point.
sqdata icon SQData Design Studio – Is an easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) that enables you to quickly develop and deploy your replication, ETL and data integration interfaces.
sqdata icon SQData LiveCheck Relational – Is a high-performance, cross-platform relational database comparison tool designed to verify the level of synchronization between two (2) or more active databases without having to take an application outage.
sqdata icon SQData Next Generation Data Warehouse – Offers customers the ability to incorporate unstructured data into a data warehouse, integrating it with their existing structured data. This enables companies to advance to the next generation of data warehousing, DW2.0 with minimal effort.
sqdata icon SQData Replications Solutions – Is Multi Directional Replication, Advanced Non-Relational Data Processing Capability, Superior Relational Data Processing, Conflict Detection and Monitoring, Rapid Deployment.

BITS SOFTWARE LTD – z/OS Source Level Debugging for Batch, z/OS Source Level Debugging for CICS, z/OS CICS Transaction Dump and Analysis, Track, XRay, Dump Detective, Bits Software, z/OS Compuware Debugger Replacement Software.

bits software ltd icon Bits Software Dump Detective – Is a full-function CICS transaction dump analyzer providing a quick analysis of more common causes of problems and easy access to the significant areas of the dump for the solution of more involved problems. It speeds up the solution of transaction dumps significantly and provides an important management facility, storing and directing transaction dumps in a CICS region where many users may be working. It provides diagnostic information to point to the causes of the problem using program source when available, to pinpoint the line of code where the failure occurred together with variable contents.
bits software ltd icon Bits Software Track – Is a cost effective testing and debugging system for CICS programs that enables fast and effective program testing during both development and maintenance of CICS applications, improving programmer productivity and encouraging the production of more resilient programs.
bits software ltd icon Bits Software Xray – Is a cost effective interactive source-level debugging system for batch programs. It enables fast and effective development, testing, and maintenance of batch applications, improving programmer productivity and encouraging the production of more resilient programs to improve the reliability of production systems.

PHOENIX SOFTWARE INTERNATIONAL – z/OS Source Code Analysis and Reporting Software, z/OS Compuware Strobe Replacement, zHISR, Phoenix Software, z/OS Source Code Hot Spot Analysis Software. (E)JES, z/OS Management and Control of JESPlex, z/OS SDSF Replacement Software.

phoenix software international icon PHOENIX (E)JES – Is a systems management tool that provides all the information you need to monitor, manage and control your z/OS JESplex—whether you are running JES2 or JES3. (E)JES panels provide up-to-date information on jobs, printers, queues, and resources in a z/OS JESplex. You can enter (E)JES commands directly from these panels to manage job processes and the operation of system resources.
phoenix software international icon PHOENIX zHISR – Lets you quickly pinpoint areas of a software application that needlessly use large amounts of CPU resources by analyzing program output. This z/OS utility is a useful tool for software programmers, performance analysts and systems programmers.

CSI INTERNATIONAL – z/OS VSAM Dynamic Buffering and Buffer Management, VSUM, OVERRIDE, z/OS VSAM Data Management, VShare, z/OS VSAM Analysis and Tuning Software, DataMiner, z/OS Comprehensive Information and Data Management System, z/OS CA Easytrieve Replacement Software.

csi international icon CSI International Data-Miner – Is the complete information manager, able to create from the simplest to the most complex reports. All common data-manipulation functions are provided, including the ability to search, sort, print, extract, update, dump and copy your critical information.
csi international icon CSI International Override – Although VSAM is very important to most installations, it is rarely used optimally. Override significantly increases the performance of VSAM in every installation.
csi international icon CSI International Reliant – Provides dataset protection for your shop’s VSAM datasets, with VSAM dataset recovery and VSAM journaling for batch programs.
csi international icon CSI International VShare – Allows multiple programs to update the same VSAM file simultaneously by giving batch jobs the ability to update files within CICS.

VEGASOFT – Allow z/OS IDMS Applications to Access and Update DB2 databases, Allow embedded SQL to access any ODBC-compliant database, Access z/OS IDMS from Windows. Windows applications may exchange data with any application running under IDMS, Access IDMS from Java. Java Applications may exchange data with applications running under z/OS IDMS, Access IDMS applications from the Internet, Allows z/OS IDMS applications to use TCP/IP sockets API, Allows z/OS IDMS applications to use z/OS MQSeries API, Allows using embedded SQL to access z/OS DB2 or any ODBC-compliant database, Allows z/OS IDMS and Batch applications access and update ODBC compliant databases, VG-IDMS/DB2 Server, VG-COBOL Pre-compiler, VG-Windows Client, VG Java Client, VG-IDMS Web Server, VG–IDMS Gateway TCP/IP Option, VG-IDMS Gateway MQSeries, VG-ADS Pre-compiler.

vegasoft icon VG-ADS Precompiler – Allows using embedded SQL to access DB2 or any ODBC-compliant database.
vegasoft icon VG-COBOL Precompiler – Allows using embedded SQL to access any ODBC-compliant database.
vegasoft icon VG-IDMS Gateway MQSeries Option – Allows IDMS applications to use MQSeries API.
vegasoft icon VG–IDMS Gateway TCP/IP Option – Allows IDMS applications to use TCP/IP sockets API.
vegasoft icon VG-IDMS Web Server – Access IDMS applications from the Internet.
vegasoft icon VG-IDMS/DB2 Server – Allows IDMS applications access and update DB2 database.
vegasoft icon VG-Java Client – Access IDMS from Java. Java applications may exchange data with applications running under IDMS.
vegasoft icon VG-ODBC Server – Allows IDMS and batch applications access and update ODBC compliant database.
vegasoft icon VG-Windows Client – Access IDMS from Windows. Windows applications may exchange data with any application running under IDMS.

HOSTSYSTEMS – Avoid z/OS Data Loss, z/OS Catalog Management, Recovery and Reporting, VIM, CIM, Host Systems Germany, Synchronised Data Processing across Multiple z/OS systems, z/OS Cross Sysplex Management.

hostsystems icon HostSystems CIM – (Catalog Information Manager) ICF Catalog Online Reporting, Maintenance, Analysis, Diagnosis, and Catalog Backup and Recovery. New procedures like disc mirroring or the usage of almost failure less devices may minimize the physical failure possibilities but the potential danger of logical mistakes (created by software faults or third party products) still exists.
hostsystems icon HostSystems CSM – (Cross Sysplex Manager) Synchronised Data Processing across multiple z/OS Systems. Controls every data access to remote devices (disk/tape) and executes them synchronously.
hostsystems icon HostSystems DSO – (DASD Space Optimiser) – Optimise z/OS Disk Space.
hostsystems icon HostSystems VIM – (VSM Assist) Avoid zSeries Data Loss with VIM. Is designed to avoid data loss. This can happen due to any number of problems or user design errors. Below are some examples of problems in this area (These do not include Software/hardware problems)

PRISTINE SOFTWARE – Lifecycle Change Management, Compliance and Deployment. Endevor replacement software, Legacy Systems Change Management Software.

pristine software icon Pristine Software SYSchange – Is providing top data centers world-wide with outstanding technologies; especially in the areas of systems software compliance and change management for MVS and its derivatives (including OS/390 and z/OS). SYSchange is also an excellent tool for providing organizations full compliance with strict mandates such as those of the recent Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act.

IRI – Innovative Routines International (IRI) provides Enterprise wide Fast Sort software.

iri icon IRI CoSORT – High volume data sorting, manipulation, and reporting package for UNIX, Linux and Windows. CoSORT transforms data and files, pre-sorts, and re-maps multiple sequential and index sources in legacy migration and ETL projects.