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Managed File Transfer

Managed File Transfer (MFT) is the process of automating and securing data transmissions using a centralized enterprise-level approach. Incorporating a managed file transfer solution will save time and money, improve the security of your data, and help meet compliance requirements.

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Secure FTP Server

A secure FTP server provides a secure environment for trading partners, vendors, and employees to connect to send files to your organization, or to retrieve the specific files you’ve shared with them using SFTP, FTPS and SCP standards. For companies where file exchanges such as these are a key part of the daily business workflow, adding automation to the secure FTP server can streamline the entire managed file transfer process.

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Automate Open PGP Encryption

GoAnywhere Advanced Workflows™ includes Open PGP encryption technology to address the privacy and integrity of data. Open PGP (also known as GPG) is an industry standard that uses a combination of asymmetric (public key) cryptography and symmetric cryptology for providing a high level of data protection, making Open PGP one of the most popular encryption methods used today.

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Ad Hoc File Transfers | HTTPS Web Client

GoAnywhere Services™ provides a secure HTTPS server that allows your trading partners and employees to perform ad-hoc file transfers directly through their browser. This is a simple alternative to other file transfer methods like FTP since end-users do not need additional software or special training.

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Send Large Files with Secure Email

GoAnywhere Secure Mail allows your employees to send large or sensitive files securely right from Microsoft Outlook, or alternately using a browser-based form. Its a much more secure, compliance-friendly solution than using free file sharing (cloud-based) solutions

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Reverse Proxy DMZ Gateway

GoAnywhere Gateway™ is both an enhanced reverse proxy and forward proxy that provides an additional layer of security when exchanging data with your trading partners. No data needs to be stored in the DMZ and no inbound ports need to be opened into your internal (private) network.

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File Sharing with GoAnywhere: Simple, Secure and Automated

Your organization’s employees need an easy way to share files, and often they’re resorting to free tools like Dropbox or sending them as email attachments. The problem for IT is that for sensitive data, those options may not be secure enough. They also make ensuring compliance with data security regulations challenging since those transfers are hard to audit.

The good news is that GoAnywhere Services’ latest release provides a great file sharing alternative that is convenient for users and secure and audited for IT administrators. View this webinar where Chief Architect Bob Luebbe and his development team discuss the challenges of ad hoc file transfers in today’s business environment, and then demonstrate how GoAnywhere Services delivers a reliable and secure solution.

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Get your FTP server in compliance

Do your users send sensitive files through email, or do they use one of those third-party file sharing sites? Ad-hoc file transfers can quickly get out of control with all the “free” options available to your end-users. Furthermore, if these transfers are not properly secured, your organization may not be in compliance with data privacy laws. Worse yet, sensitive data may fall into the wrong hands.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about how GoAnywhere Services allows your users to easily send files, no matter how large, whenever they want — but with the security and control that you need.

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Automate and Secure File Transfers Without Programming

Standard FTP is an outdated protocol with serious security issues that can expose your sensitive data, user ids and passwords. Many organizations are rapidly moving away from standard FTP in order to meet privacy policies and compliance requirements like PCI DSS, SOX and HIPAA.

This webinar will discuss secure alternatives to FTP that will protect your data transfers with strong encryption and modern authentication methods.

You’ll learn more about these topics:

  • Authenticating servers using passwords, keys and certificates
  • Using Open PGP to encrypt files at rest and on the move
  • How to keep files out of the DMZ
  • How to keep inbound ports closed into your private network
  • Recommendations and tips for implementation
  • The importance of good audit trails for compliance requirements

Near the end of the webinar, we’ll give you a quick tour of our GoAnywhere Advanced Workflows managed file transfer solution. GoAnywhere Advanced Workflows has a simple intuitive interface that allows you to quickly set up and automate secure file transfers without the need for scripts or programming.

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AIX File Transfers: Automation and Security Without Scripting

Writing AIX shell scripts to transfer files can be error-prone and time consuming for your IT department. How do you know when the script fails? Are the files and passwords secured/encrypted? Where are the audit trails? Are you in compliance?

Many AIX shops are now looking at Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions to help them minimize the challenges of custom scripts which saves time and money, and promotes a more efficient workflow. During this free webinar, you will also receive a brief demo of our GoAnywhere MFT solution.

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