go anywhere GoAnywhere – is a managed file transfer (MFT) solution that allows organizations to secure and automate the exchange of data with their trading partners, customers, employees and internal systems. The GoAnywhere solution is comprised of the GoAnywhere Advanced Workflows, GoAnywhere Services and GoAnywhere Gateway products.
linoma icon RPG TOOLBOX – Takes advantage of every ILE RPG IV feature possible when converting your RPG III and RPG/400 source code, Giving you software that is rejuvenated ready for the future. Our conversion utility can also enhance ILE RPG IV code.
linoma icon SURVEYOR/400 – Edit data, run SQL, FTP, download, search, view extensive file information – all through a graphical interface.
linoma icon CryptoComplete – Automatically encrypt database fields and backups. Includes key management and audit trails. Supports AES and TDES standards.
giapa icon GiAPA – GiAPA will assist you in using your existing computer resources in an optimal way, so your hardware does not have to grow faster than the number of users or applications. GiAPA is not just another capacity planning tool, nor an interactive (manpower eating) monitor. Which of your applications have performance problems? What the problems are Within which program(s)? How the application can be improved to run efficiently GiAPA is NOT designed to tell you which additional hardware to purchase in order to cope with (= hide?) performance problems!
kisco icon iFileAudit – iFileAudit is a security and file audit product for the IBM iSeries-AS/400. It lets you track data updates and changes to files on your IBM System i on a user-by-user, file-by-file and field-by-field basis. Using iFileAudit on your System i processor, you can identify critical DB2/400 data files and track every change made to the file no matter how trivial or who made the change. This is done at the field level and it reports who made the change, where it was made from, when the change was made and much more. It even tracks changes made by batch processing programs.
kisco icon NSafe/400 Lite – Provides control of user access to server functions along with the logging and analysis features from SafeNet/400.
kisco icon OnePass/400 – Helps close the Telnet security exposure on the AS/400. Includes API for creating and managing single use password in any custom application.
kisco icon RBC/400 – A peer network program for printer passthru, file and object movement and remote job initiation between attached iSeries- AS/400’s (and System/36’s). If you have multiple systems talking to each other, you should consider this product.
kisco icon SAFENET/400 – A security product for the iSeries-AS/400 that enables client/server security on your system and gives you control over client access to your system. Winner of the 2001 Product Excellence Award in the “Security/Audit” category.
kisco icon ScreenSafer/400 – A unique workstation security software tool that takes control of inactive workstations during idle time, protecting sensitive information and restricting transaction input only to the user logged on to that device.
kisco icon WebReport/400 PDF and WebReport/400 – Lets you send your AS/400 reports as E-mail to anyone in your organization or on the Internet. Also lets you deploy reports on your Intranet or Internet Website. Supports conversion of AS/400 reports to TEXT, HTML, RTF and PDF formats. Supports AFPDS overlays, IPDS graphics and DBCS spool files when converting to PDF format.