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zSeries Tape and Media Management

zSeries Server Backup Software – Tape and Media Management

gfs software icon GFS/AFM – Automates and integrates all management operations for protecting and releasing volumes in z/OS tape libraries while controlling the transit of volumes, security vaults, and external tape libraries.
gfs software icon GFS/AFM Plus – Most comprehensive software collection guarantees fiduciary compliance and real-time operational optimization, as well as the integrity, availability, and security of your data.
gfs software icon GFS/iTQS Web Interface – Is a web-based complement to GFS/TQS that allows the complete analysis of z/OS tape libraries via a web browser without utilizing resources from the host z/OS system. It has a light and user-friendly interface that does not require the user to have any z/OS or SQL experience.
gfs software icon GFS/Stack – Eliminates waste in tape library resources, providing real savings with surprising simplicity and results. It allows full volume occupation of any media capacity during runtime, quickly releasing thousands of tapes.
gfs software icon GFS/TQS – Implements systematic quality control for z/OS tape library media. It allows the identification of tapes that have reached their usage limit, provides periodic retensioning, and automates the replacement process of old tapes, ensuring data integrity and reliability for long term data storage.