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zSeries Output, JES and Systems/Sysplex Management Tools

Database Management Tools for db2 – for the many components of a sophisticated database

sea icon SEA $AVRS – Is the Sysout/Syslog Accumulation Viewing and Retrieval Component of SEA Output Management Solution. $AVRS is deigned to significantly reduce the personnel and system resources required to handle Sysout, Syslog and JES datasets, and to facilitate archival and audit requirements for job logs.
hostsystems icon HostSystems CSM – (Cross Sysplex Manager) Synchronised Data Processing across multiple z/OS Systems. Controls every data access to remote devices (disk/tape) and executes them synchronously.
sea icon SEA JCLplus+ – Enterprise JCL Management; Job Control Language Syntax Checking; Job Control Language Standards Enforcement; Job Control Language Editing and Updating; Job Control Language Formatting; Job Scheduling; TMS, Security, DASD and Change Management.
sea icon SEA ODDS – Operator Dynamic Dialog Subsystem (ODDS) is an expert console automation operations subsystem which gives systems programming and operations personnel the flexibility to dynamically manage and monitor data center functions.
phoenix software international icon PHOENIX (E)JES – Is a systems management tool that provides all the information you need to monitor, manage and control your z/OS JESplex—whether you are running JES2 or JES3. (E)JES panels provide up-to-date information on jobs, printers, queues, and resources in a z/OS JESplex. You can enter (E)JES commands directly from these panels to manage job processes and the operation of system resources.