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zSeries Data Replication, PDS and Data Management

SQL Database Replication, Mining & Managment Solutions

csi international icon CSI International Data-Miner – Is the complete information manager, able to create from the simplest to the most complex reports. All common data-manipulation functions are provided, including the ability to search, sort, print, extract, update, dump and copy your critical information.
sqdata icon SQData CDC Enhanced ETL – A comprehensive changed data capture (CDC) solution for optimizing existing ETL processes by eliminating the need for costly bulk unloads of source data. On average, only 3 to 5 percent of customer data changes during a 24 hour period. SQData’s CDC Enhanced ETL solution captures these delta changes to source databases and stages them for processing by existing ETL products, saving significant CPU processing cycles and time.
sqdata icon SQData Control Center – The SQData Control Center is a web-based component that allows you to manage and monitor your SQData processes from a single control point.
sqdata icon SQData Design Studio – Is an easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) that enables you to quickly develop and deploy your replication, ETL and data integration interfaces.
sqdata icon SQData LiveCheck Relational – Is a high-performance, cross-platform relational database comparison tool designed to verify the level of synchronization between two (2) or more active databases without having to take an application outage.
sqdata icon SQData Next Generation Data Warehouse – Offers customers the ability to incorporate unstructured data into a data warehouse, integrating it with their existing structured data. This enables companies to advance to the next generation of data warehousing, DW2.0 with minimal effort.
sqdata icon SQData Replications Solutions – Is Multi Directional Replication, Advanced Non-Relational Data Processing Capability, Superior Relational Data Processing, Conflict Detection and Monitoring, Rapid Deployment.