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zSeries Application and Database Tuning

Easy to use Database Performance Tools

dbe software icon DBE Database Examiner – Is an easy-to-use, powerful solution that identifies design discrepancies, recommends precise corrections and generates scripts to implement revisions.
phoenix software international icon PHOENIX zHISR – Lets you quickly pinpoint areas of a software application that needlessly use large amounts of CPU resources by analyzing program output. This z/OS utility is a useful tool for software programmers, performance analysts and systems programmers.
softbase icon Softbase Attach Facility – Have the power and flexibility to control the DB2 batch environment. Monitor SQL performance and get precise control of DSN trace output. Reduce contention problems in jobs and utils with patented ENQ serialization. Allow application concurrency with Auto Commit. Improve application reliability by eliminating concurrency problems and deadlock timeouts.
softbase icon Softbase Attach Facility (MRF) Multi-Row Fetch – Feature of SoftBase’s Attach Facility, is a powerful new tool for automatically implementing multi-row fetch in your existing batch DB2 applications.
softbase icon Softbase Batch Analyzer Facility – If you’re tired of late night phone calls or wading through numerous DB2 performance tools and way too much data, consider letting Batch Analyzer Facility find your bad batch SQL before it finds you.
softbase icon Softbase TestBase – TestBase, our test data management solution, allows you to quickly retrieve manageable subsets of referentially intact data from DB2® databases around the enterprise, thoroughly test and validate proper functioning of all DB2 application enhancements, and ensure that all sensitive production data remains completely private during testing.
softbase icon Softbase TestBase Slice – part of SoftBase’s TestBase, can help you test DB2 for z/OS applications faster and more efficiently. Slice allows every developer to test in the same database at the same time, by giving each developer their own “slice” of data.