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Send Large Files with Secure Email

Though email attachments are a popular approach for employees to share files, it can be a huge security risk since email does not typically provide encryption or good audit trails. There is a better way with GoAnywhere.

Secure mail from GoAnywhere Services™ provides the convenience of traditional email with the security needed to safeguard your data and keep in compliance.

  • Easy for Senders and Receivers
    Users with Outlook 2010 or 2013 can use a simple GoAnywhere plugin to send files securely with a click of the mouse. An intuitive browser-based client is also available for sending files securely through popular browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Multiple files can be selected in GoAnywhere with support for large files. Each recipient will receive an email notification containing a unique URL which allows them to download the files quickly through a secure HTTPS connection.
  • Improved Security Controls
    Security of ad hoc file transfers is simple with GoAnywhere. Secure mail can be password protected, but without recipients needing to worry about keys or certificates. Package expiration dates and maximum downloads can be set as well. Unlike a cloud solution, your system will keep possession of the files until they are downloaded by the recipients, allowing you to maintain control of the files.
  • Audit Trails and Reporting
    Administrators can remotely monitor audit logs which track when files are sent, when the packages are opened, and when the files were downloaded through the unique HTTPS links. These additional security features help companies meet compliance regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and state privacy regulations.

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