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Reverse Proxy DMZ Gateway

You can streamline transmissions between your internal systems and external trading partners without sacrificing security using GoAnywhere Gateway, an enhanced reverse and forward proxy. GoAnywhere Gateway is an important component of an effective managed file transfer solution since it allows you to keep files out of your public-facing network (often called the DMZ) while requiring no inbound ports into your private network.

GoAnywhere Gateway allows you to keep your file servers and sensitive data files for trading partners in your private (internal) network, greatly reducing the risk of attacks by unauthorized users.

  • Facilitate communication
    GoAnywhere Gateway is installed in the DMZ, serving as a bridge between your external trading partners and authorized servers in the private network, such as the GoAnywhere Services secure FTP server or HTTPS server. Your partners will still be able to connect using standard protocols such as SFTP, FTPS and HTTPS for exchanging files. This gateway is easy to implement since it is transparent to external systems and does not require changes to your trading partner’s business processes.
  • Keep inbound ports closed
    A proprietary control channel is used to communicate messages between GoAnywhere Gateway (in the DMZ) to GoAnywhere Services (in the private network). Any needed data channels are bridged from systems in the private network to trading partners, requiring no inbound ports to be opened into the private network. GoAnywhere Gateway can also serve as a forward proxy to protect the identities and locations of clients systems that are initiating file transfers from the internal network.
  • Focus on compliance
    For organizations in highly regulated industries such as banking, insurance or healthcare, or for those who store credit card numbers and other personal identifiable information (PII data), GoAnywhere Gateway is a critical piece of your security strategy. It helps your organization meet compliance standards associated with HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS, SOX, GLBA and state privacy regulations.

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