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File Sharing with GoAnywhere: Simple, Secure and Automated

Enterprise Wide Online File Sharing and Data Transfer done automatically and simply with GoAnywhere

Do your users share sensitive documents through ‘free’ services like DropBox? Worse yet, are they sending confidential files as email attachments? Ad-hoc file transfers can quickly get out of control with all the free options available to your end-users. If these transfers are not properly secured, your organization may not be in compliance with data privacy laws, or your sensitive data may fall into the wrong hands.

GoAnywhere Services from Linoma Software allows your users to easily send files whenever they want, but with the security and control that you need. Even large files are not a problem with GoAnywhere.

Join us for this free webinar and learn how to

  • Share files easily and securely through an intuitive browser interface
  • Allow users to send sensitive files using an Outlook plugin
  • Automatically notify recipients when files are available
  • Protect files with secure HTTPS links for downloading
  • Set automatic file expiration dates and download limits
  • Maintain control in-house by installing GoAnywhere on premises
  • Keep files in your private network – NOT on third party file-sharing sites
  • Generate detailed audit trails to track file movement

During the webinar, we will also demonstrate some of the new features in the latest 3.4 version of GoAnywhere.

Keep control of your user’s ad-hoc transfers!

Donwload as slides in pdf format.