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Save time and space with Ad-Hoc Secure File Transfer alternative, GoAnywhere Secure Mail

Your employees need an easy and secure way to share sensitive files with their customers, partners and other users. Rev up the email pace with the GoAnywhere Secure Mail platform, the Ad-Hoc Secure File Transfer communication solution.

The innovative GoAnywhere Secure Mail module uses the convenience of email along with the security of HTTPS to deliver your messages and files as secure mail packages.
Contents are automatically encrypted and stored on your server, so the contents are never transmitted or saved to the cloud. Secure Mail is a great alternative to regular email since there are no file size or file type restrictions.

Password protected with unique security links, full audit trails and the convenience of a web based portal, GoAnywhere Secure Mail is the new communication solution for Ad-Hoc Secure File Transfer.


With GoAnywhere Secure Mail users can:

      • Send emails from within the user’s browser or from Microsoft Outlook
      • Attach multiple files to a single package
      • Have no restriction on file size or type
      • Set expiration date options and maximum download restrictions
      • Transfer files over a secure HTTPS connection
      • Choose to receive notifications when packages are read
      • Recall packages to make unavailable to recipients
      • Customise templates with your own brand, logo, colours and fonts
      • View audit trails of all package activity
      • Works in conjunction with GoAnywhere Services and GoAnywhere Advanced Workflows

Improve efficiency and productivity with the GoAnywhere Secure Mail Ad-Hoc Secure File Transfer solution.

GoAnywhere Secure Mail works seamlessly with GoAnywhere Services and GoAnywhere Advanced Workflows

The secure and streamlined Ad-Hoc Secure File Transfer Solution