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Automate Open PGP Encryption

Open PGP — also known as GPG — is a popular encryption standard that protects the privacy and integrity of sensitive data at rest and in motion as its shared over the Internet and other networks.

  • How PGP Encryption Works
    Open PGP is a form of asymmetric encryption where a public key is used to encrypt the file and a corresponding private key is used to decrypt the file. Several encryption algorithms can be utilized within Open PGP, including the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), to provide a high level of protection. Digital signatures can also be used to sign files to allow the recipient to authenticate the validity of the sender’s signature.
  • The Power of Automation
    For enterprise-level encryption tasks, GoAnywhere Advanced Workflows managed file transfer solution can automatically encrypt files with Open PGP and then send those files to a network server, an SFTP or FTPS server, or to one or more email recipients. Encrypted files can also be automatically pulled from trading partners and decrypted for further processing by various applications. The Open PGP and transfer processes can be launched through GoAnywhere Advanced Workflows integrated scheduler or from other applications using command-line interfaces and APIs.
  • Integrating a Key Manager
    GoAnywhere includes an integrated Key Manager that can be used to create, change, view and import Open PGP keys. These keys can also be utilized within GoAnywhere for automating Open PGP data encryption and decryption, as well as to export public keys to share with trading partners.

    GoAnywhere’s Open PGP encryption and decryption processes have been verified for interoperability with many other PGP and Open PGP products, including GPG (GnuPG). The Open PGP standard is managed by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) and is detailed in RFC2440 and RFC4880.

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